Job Seekers

Making a career change or even the thought of exploring new opportunities can be a fearful and time-consuming exercise. Sometimes working with recruiters can be a nightmare, and a complete waste of time.

Our mission at Kismet is to assure your search is seamless, our communication is transparent and your experience from start to finish is 5 stars.

Here is what to expect working with the Kismet team on your next move:

K Keeping focus on what is most important to you in a career change. Your focus may be finding better work life balance, more autonomy in projects, career trajectory and long-term goals, or simply a better compensation package. We keep those priorities top of mind when presenting you with companies that offer those “must-haves”.

I Interest at heart. This term is rarely used in the recruiting world which to us seems very unfortunate. Our team is passionate about finding the best fit for both our candidates and clients. By keeping your interest at heart, we are committing to listening and executing options that only fit exactly what your next dream job looks like.

S Seamless process. From the first conversation to accepting an offer, Kismet works diligently to provide a seamless experience for all parties involved. The only way this works effectively is we ask you to be honest and responsive to our requests and feedback to keep in alignment with each other. Being able to operate in a partnership manner will allow us to find success quicker and easier with little to no interruptions.

M Manage Expectations. This is one of the most challenging responsibilities as a recruiter but also the most critical. Keep in mind we are your number one supporter and advocate when reaching key decision makers. By keeping the lines of communication open on both ends will aid in managing expectations on progress, status, feedback and interest. We will honor your time and efforts by prompt response and transparent awareness.

E Exceptional Service. What does above and beyond service look like to you? At Kismet we believe there are 4 main qualities that sets us apart from our competitors. We are empathetic, generous, solution-driven, and timely. Our goal in working with you is to offer this level of service every time.

T Trust. We are aware that working with recruiters can be weary and draining. Ever not been called back from one? Or never provided feedback after an interview? How about the dark hole of an application or voicemail that is never returned or responded to? We have heard every complaint in the book and understand this complete break-down of trust and lack of respect. That’s why we use these realities as fuel to become better at what we do and earn your trust one conversation at a time.

We hope this puts your mind at ease when pursuing our open Civil Engineering Jobs and look forward to working together!