More often than not, if you are an employer looking to select a civil engineer recruiter or consultant you are behind the curve in your search. The good news is we fully understand your position and have created a “partnership model” to assure you are no longer in a bind, now or in the future. We need to fully understand what growth looks like for your business, anticipated hires within the next year, what success of a candidate would look like, what you do internally to keep retention high, and how your culture/projects/people set you apart.

In order for this Partnership Model to work, here are expectations that set the foundation:

K Keep us informed. It is critical that you or your HR team keep us informed as positions change, get filled, put on hold and closed. Our recruiting labor is a free service to you and in return we ask that you respect the time, effort and energy put into this.

I Include all details. At times a job description can be our worst enemy. They are generic and vague and give little detail to the overall opportunity. It’s our job to excite the candidate about your opportunity so we need to know about the culture, team, working environment, project scope, succession plan, work life balance and benefits.

Service first. Kismet will always provide the highest level of service to you and your team. In order to do so, we highly recommend less firms per search and more emphasis on exclusivity. That way your search is a top priority for our team.

Move quickly! Active candidates in the market typically have 2-3 other options to consider in the market. “Passive candidates” are never truly passive. They too have begun to explore their network and will also have options to weigh. 

Elaborate. In order to do our job of full service recruiting we need elaborate job details, reasons to why resumes are passed on and interview feedback. We are in a constant state of redirection and in order to do so quickly, we need your help in the process. 

Time. Timing has always been a critical component of our job and the most difficult part to control. Finding the absolute best fit for your next hire does not happen overnight and we encourage patience in our process that we guarantee works. 

Curious to learn more and set up a 10 minute call to discuss? We look forward to connecting!